Slow food movement

Food waste management

Traditional food cultures

Natural and synthetic food additives

Climate change effects on food systems

Good manufacturing process (GMP)

Good agricultural process (GAP)

Slow fish movement

Slow cheese movement

Citta slow movement

Slow food movement in gastronomic science

Sustainable food packaging

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems

Traditional food cultures

Gastronomy Tourism

Gastronomy trends and tendencies

Destination branding and gastronomy


Sustainable diets within sustainable food systems

Sustainable food systems from agriculture to industry

Food demand and food environment

Nutrition of vulnerable groups

Governance, leadership and accountability for nutrition

Sustainable food production

Sustainable food processing

Innovative practices grounded in ecological understanding

Organic farming and other alternative systems

Innovations in gastronomy

Digital gastronomy

1st International Traditional Foods and Sustainable Food System Symposium

Toros University

August 10, 2022

Symposium Dates